Intersectionality, Inclusion, and Religious Literacy

Dr. Ulrich Rosenhagen, David Schulz, and Fellows speak on a panel during the Provost’s Summit on Teaching an Learning at UW-Oshkosh.

All smiles: CRGC Director Ulrich Rosenhagen and Program Coordinator David Schulz together with Interfaith Fellows Sophie Gumble, Ari Kirsch and Asha Jain after a terrific panel discussion at UW Oshkosh on October 25.

25 October 2019.

To see the video of the panel, please click here.

Dr. Rosenhagen’s talk: Video 4, 14:40-32:20

Students: Video 4, 32:20-1:02:35

David Schulz: Video 4, 1:02:40-1:12:25

Q&A: Video 4, 1:12:30-1:26:24