Graduating Fellow Chandra Chouhan Profiled for Commencement

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Interfaith Fellows with the Chancellor

Interfaith Fellows Dine with the Chancellor

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PSAxISA Iftar hero image

CID Sponsors the First Collaboration between the India Students Association and the Pakistani Students Association

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Interfaith Student Council first meeting

Interfaith Student Council Holds First Meeting

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Interfaith Fellow Aman Sehra Addresses the UW Board of Regents

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Islamic STEM Association kickoff Chai & Chat event

Islamic STEM Association Hosts Kickoff Event: "Chai & Chat"

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BILI Fellowship Group Banner

Interfaith Fellows at the BILI Fellowship Conference in D.C.

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Interfaith Fellows and Staff in the new space

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UW-Madison Faith Leaders Call for Humility – not Hate – when exercising our First Amendment Right to Speak about Israel-Palestine

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Open House attendees

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