Religious observance should not be inconvenience for non-Christian students

Wednesday, Sept. 19 was a normal day. Despite the gray skies and pouring rain, students filed toward their classes, distracted by deadlines and the fast-approaching midterm season. It was less than two weeks into the semester; everyone was, in more ways than one, still getting the hang of things.

That very same Wednesday, if one wasn’t watching carefully, they might not have noticed the absence of Jewish students from classes and discussions. But for those who observed Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish year, Sept. 19 posed a two-fold challenge: first, how does one deal with an absence so early in the semester? That, combined with staying on top of homework during a 25-hour period of fasting, reflection and prayer is a struggle Jewish students know all too well.

An opinion piece from a CRGC alumni – Julia Brunson

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