Amy Yadev

Hi, my name is Amanjot (Amy), and I am a rising junior studying biology. I am from Wisconsin, and my family and I currently practice Sikhism. Growing up, I learned a lot about my faith from my parents and by visiting the Sikh Temple at least once per week. My religion has influenced many decisions I have made; however, I started to question the role of religion in my life as I became older. For example, in 2012, following a mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of WI in Oak Creek, I wondered how an act of violence and hate could happen inside a house of worship. By being a part of the CRGC as an interfaith fellow, I hope to spearhead dialogue about how we can respect all religions and achieve the peace and mutual understanding we all strive for. Additionally, engaging with others about their lived experiences with or without religion is critical for me to expand my religious knowledge and connection. This fellowship will also provide me with a method to address social justice issues by engaging with a topic that helps people cross barriers and come together. Outside of school, I love to dance (I am a part of a competitive Bhangra dance team!), read, cook and explore new places such as parks and cities! I am excited to be a CRGC interfaith fellow this year and experience all that being a fellow has to offer.