Jaime Wendt

Jaime Wendt headshot

Hello! My name is Jaime Wendt. I was raised and confirmed Catholic according to my family’s wishes, and I have returned to exploring and practicing the faith after lapsing. I’m a senior at UW-Madison studying Religious Studies and Criminal Justice. I previously attended the University of Minnesota right after graduating high school and had to leave without completing my degree. After a long break and a decade of working in finance, I decided I wanted to change careers and enrolled in the Badger Ready program at UW to finish my degree in a completely different field! As I started my time back at school, it became clear to me that being successful in school would mean engaging in self-forgiveness for mistakes I had previously made in my  academic career.  It then occurred to me that most people will need to access forgiveness throughout their lives, including people who have been or who are currently incarcerated. I look forward to researching what forgiveness means to different people, religions, and cultural traditions in my final year of school. I’m also looking forward to implementing a philosophy of forgiveness in my work after graduation!