Zayna Tubeishat

Why am I interested in interreligious dialogue? Whether it was through attending an Islamic school in the U.S or critical contemplation that led me to a new philosophical outlook, religion has played an important role throughout my life. This experience provided me with an insightful perspective on the interplay of religion, culture, and assimilation. It was also an attest to the dangers of indoctrination and historical erasure of religious diversity. Now, I’m passionate about learning about different indigenous beliefs and the deeper roots behind traditional Abrahamic faiths.

Moreover, as an International Studies major, I know that my career path requires a certain level of intercultural understanding and background. Religion is an essential component of any country’s history and being able to understand the way individual faiths have shaped nations is crucial to fostering meaningful relationships between them. I hope to learn more about this divine aspect of politics through my fellowship.