Niha Shamsi

My name is Niha, and I am a junior majoring in Nursing and getting a certificate in Global Health. I’m from a northwest Chicago suburb, and I come from a family of five. Some of my favorite hobbies include photography, creating art (whether it be paintings, drawings, or DIYs), and cooking. Growing up, even though I was raised as a Muslim, I had early exposure to different faiths with my mom’s whole family being Hindu and most of my childhood friends being Christian. Due to this, I have always been fascinated to learn about other religions and cultures, and I believe that this program provides an excellent opportunity for this. Learning about different faiths and having interfaith dialogue is essential in creating a more open and inclusive campus climate, and I am excited to be a part of a program that is dedicated to achieving this. As an Interfaith Fellow, I also look forward to advocating for social justice and providing a voice for marginalized groups at UW.