Bailey Nandory

My name is Bailey Nandory, and I am a junior double majoring in Classical Humanities and English-Creative Writing. I hope that these majors will take me into a career as a translator, scholar, and professor of ancient literature. I was raised in almost entirely Christian rural Wisconsin, by non-religious parents who both came from religious families, so while religion has played a small role in my life through my extended family, it was never a focal point in my upbringing, which may have actually catalyzed my curiosity in it. I love learning about other cultures, particularly the customs, rituals, and traditions that people follow and the roots in how they all began. As a future historian and lover of ancient texts, it is my goal to be a responsible historian who can appreciate religious doctrines as both historical artifacts and dynamic pieces of literature that play key roles in real peoples’ lives—I believe that this year as an Interfaith Fellow will help foster the best understanding and respect towards these principles, and I am really looking forward to it. When I am not obsessing over Archaic Greek lyric poetry, the Mesopotamians, or ancient Palmyrene funerary art, I am probably tutoring English, baking, volunteering with the BASES project, writing poetry, or playing bass.