Yaseen Najeeb

My name is Yaseen Najeeb and I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison, studying political science. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I was raised in a Muslim home. Religion has always been a major part of my life and I have deep ties with my mosque and the Muslim community in Milwaukee. I attended Sunday school for five years in middle school and stayed connected with my mosque and religious leaders throughout high school. Throughout high school, I served on the executive national committee for the Muslim Youth of North America, an organization that hosted camps for Muslim youth nationally many times a year. After highschool, I decided to take a gap year at DarusSalam seminary where I learned modern standard Arabic and explored my faith at a deeper level.  I pursued the CRGC Interfaith Fellows Program because I believe the other members of this group share the same passion for knowledge and understanding as I have. I am excited to participate in such a great organization.