Savannah Lipinski

My name is Savannah, and I am a senior majoring in Geology & Geophysics and Jewish Studies and pursuing certificates in Environmental Studies and Physics. I’ve lived in many places across the world but consider Fort Collins, Colorado to be home. I am Jewish and grew up in a Jewish household and primarily Jewish community until my mom married my step-dad and we became an interfaith household. This sparked my interest in learning about other theologies and faith communities. I have remained active in the Jewish community throughout college working at a Jewish summer camp, interning at Hillel, attending a local synagogue, and serving as a representative on Hillel International’s Student Cabinet. One of my greatest passions is faith-based environmentalism, and I am active in many Jewish environmental organizations. I founded the student organization Jews for Climate Justice, and I hope that the topic of faith-based environmental justice is something I can continue working on as a CRGC Interfaith Fellow. I am so excited to spend the year getting to know and work with a cohort of diverse students as a fellow with the CRGC.