Emma Lai

My name is Emma and I am a second-year student at UW-Madison. I am double majoring in Economics and Psychology with a certificate in Religious Studies. Born and raised Catholic, I attended public school in Rockford, IL for 12 years. I became especially interested in my own faith and others’ after meeting my Muslim best friend in 6th grade, my journey through Existentialism starting in 8th grade, and later my senior Capstone research project on religious identity and productivity in 12th grade. Since arriving to campus, I have enjoyed my Catholic and Interfaith conversations in Badger Catholic’s Fides et Ratio and Hillel’s Necessity of Now Seminar. These interfaith conversations address the fundamental differences between individuals, drawing society closer together to create the foundation for a more flexible, globalized world. I am excited to be a part of these conversations as a CRGC fellow.