Allie Kutsch

My name is Allie and I am a senior studying Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies with certificates in Entrepreneurship and Digital Studies to make it more business/marketing focused. I am from Racine, Wisconsin (south of Milwaukee) where I attended Catholic schooling from K-12. I was raised in a Catholic household, and because of Catholic school, I attended church twice a week and took a wide variety of religion classes through the years. I was confirmed my junior year of high school and love Sunday Mass, especially when my entire family goes. Even though I attended Catholic school all my life, I did not truly start practicing my faith until my freshman year of high school, when I witnessed God’s ability to grant miracles. I only had an overview of other religions in my World Religions class, but I am excited to dive deeper into the difference in beliefs that exist among them. As a college student, I have been able to strengthen my religion independently of my family through an all-women’s non-denominational bible study, Delight, and through friends who share varying views of faith. I am excited to participate in important conversations with everyone this semester and to share my views of the Catholic faith with others.