Jaitri Joshi

My name is Jaitri Joshi, and I am a senior studying Biochemistry and Life Science communications. I grew up in Maple Grove, Minnesota. I was raised in a Hindu household and was able to see the fluidity of basic values in Hinduism that my parents have brought with them along their journey across continents. As a minority religion in America, it has been interesting to immerse myself into the religious experiences and celebrations of other groups and share what I have learned about my own faith. The teachings of my parents were supplemented by a Sunday school called Hindu-American Temple School led by passionate volunteers that allowed the application of faith-based concepts and history into our actions in today’s world. Faith is such an important facet of many lives, and to truly understand each other and the decisions we make, having discussions surrounding this can help us empathize and grow us a community- and I hope to do just that as a CRGC Fellow this year.