Eryne Jenkins

My name is Eryne and I am a sophomore at UW-Madison. I am majoring in Biochemistry and pursuing a certificate in Public Policy with the intent of becoming a pharmacist. I grew up in Magnolia, Delaware, where I was raised in the Baptist Church. I continue to be involved in my faith community and am truly appreciative of the role my faith has in my life. In the midst of various challenges I face and uncertain situations, my faith has remained a constant and kept me grounded through it all. By transitioning to UW last fall, it was up to me to determine the role my Christian faith would play in my life in the absence of traditions that were instilled in me since childhood. I was able to find faith groups on campus and a supportive congregation that has supported my growth in and out of the church. I seek an understanding of the impact of other religions and beliefs on the lives of others. I believe active participation in interfaith dialogue to better understand the role of religion or the absence of formal religion in people’s lives is beneficial to all of us as we seek to eliminate marginalization and discrimination. In addition, as I pursue an education grounded with an international component as a Wisconsin International Scholar (WISc), it is increasingly important to understand national and international relations in the context of faith and religion. While we as a campus, nation, and as a globe continue working towards equity in other realms such as race and gender, I think it is also imperative that we look at religious equity. I am honored to be a CRGC fellow and look forward to being part of the interfaith dialogue among secular and religious communities.