Azariah Horowitz

My name is Azariah Horowitz and I am a junior majoring in Spanish and French with a certificate in Hebrew/Jewish Studies. I grew up in a Jewish household, attending Jewish elementary school in Milwaukee, before switching to public school for middle and high school. Although my immediate family has always practiced Judaism, my mother grew up Lutheran and converted to Judaism after I was born. I have family members on my dad’s side who are Orthodox Jews living in Jerusalem, and other family members on my mom’s side who hadn’t really met many Jews at all before my mom and dad started dating. Before starting college at Madison, I spent three months in Israel learning Hebrew in a program for new immigrants and Palestinians entering the Israeli university system. I currently teach Hebrew School to a class of fifth graders at a synagogue off campus in Madison, as well as attending weekly Shabbat services and other programs at Hillel on campus. I plan on teaching in public elementary school eventually, and I think it is super important that teachers try their best to understand the cultural and religious backgrounds of their kids. I am super excited to be a part of CRGC and to be able to have conversations with people from all different faiths!