Genevieve Grade

Hello! My name is Genevieve, and this year I’ll be a junior studying sociology, public policy, and education services. I grew up in Waunakee, Wisconsin with one devoutly Lutheran parent, the other a committed Unitarian Universalist. My childhood experience exploring and participating in these two faiths gave religion a place of prominence in my life early on. As I grew, I became interested in the interfaith work emphasized by my UU congregation, and when I entered college, I found myself drawn even closer to Christianity. The spring semester of my sophomore year, I interned at Nehemiah, a local faith-based nonprofit. There, I worked on developing and promoting an educational course on both white Christian churches’ past complicity in racism as well as their capacity for positive social change. The experience was personally groundbreaking, and I remain committed to examining the social impact of not only my own two religions, but that of religion as a whole. I could not be more excited to engage with and learn from the Interfaith Fellows program this year! Outside of the CRGC, I enjoy throwing pottery, baking, and cuddling my housemates’ cats.