Osama Fattouh

My name is Osama and I am a junior majoring in Neurobiology. Growing up in a town called Middleton, I was one of few Muslims that lived in the town. Being one of the few Muslims, I faced challenges that not many of my friends had to face. However, those challenges made me a stronger person and helped me appreciate my religious identity even more. A part of appreciating my religious identity came through my mosque where I was able to meet other Muslims and learn more about my religion. I was also exposed to a number of cultures and ethnicities. I hope that my experience with interfaith conversation, knowledge of Islam, and challenges I’ve faced with religious identity that I can provide more to the conversation. I am proud to be a CRGC fellow and I am looking forward to learning more about other religions. I will do everything I can to help strengthen the dialogue and make everyone feel welcome. In this day and age interfaith dialogue is even more important than before and we must continue participating in it.