Ghaida Edreis

Salam, you guys! My name is Ghaida Edreis, and I am a current senior pursuing Legal Studies with Middle Eastern Studies and Criminal Justice degrees. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lived there till I was three years old, and I was reared primarily in Libya, Tripoli, before moving to the United States. So, basically, I’ve noticed disparities between identification and religion, and I’ve learnt a lot, but most importantly, that I am my own person as a result of it. My entire family is a devout Muslim; therefore, I was raised with good information and lessons that helped me grow closer to my religion. Nonetheless, I developed a strong attachment to it. While I am extremely strong in my faith, I also like learning about different religions that I am not familiar with! That is why I decided to participate in the CRGC Interfaith Fellowship: to freely discuss our faiths, why we believe in them, and how they affect us. This fellowship may also provide excellent connections and a community where we can meet others who share our faith’s interests! Through this program, I wish to develop a better understanding of various religions and their customs.