The Interfaith Fellows Program

Do you want to learn about different faiths and how they relate to your own? Do you want to connect with people of different religious and secular backgrounds and grow together through interfaith conversations? Would you like to visit religious sites and advocate for interfaith issues on campus? Develop self-awareness and dialogue skills for campus and life after college? If so, apply here to be selected as a Center for Interfaith Dialogue Fellow.

The Interfaith Fellows Program trains a cohort of undergraduate students to become more knowledgeable about the variety of global religious traditions and more skilled at communicating with people across religious and cultural backgrounds. Through discussion, events, and programs, our fellows are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of religious difference and to become interfaith leaders and advocates in whatever career paths their futures hold.

During their yearlong fellowship the fellows will:

  • Honor their fellow students’ religious background, culture, and values, and respect their otherness.
  • Approach different religious traditions both intellectually and experientially.
  • Explore, interpret, and understand different religious ideas, acts, and practices towards social justice.
  • Become more self-aware of their own religious beliefs and values.
  • Gain awareness of major religious traditions and their crucial role in global developments.
  • Identify additional opportunities for interfaith engagement that would help sustain the CID’s efforts towards more interfaith awareness and collaboration on campus.
  • Coordinate on-campus events to bring interfaith conversations to the wider public.
  • Write about their experiences in the group or in other interfaith contexts in blog posts.