Rida Ali

As-Salamuʿalaykum! My name is Rida Ali and I am a junior studying Political Science and International Studies, while pursuing certificates in Political Economy, Philosophy, and Politics, and Asian American Studies. I was born and raised in central India, and moved to Milwaukee, WI when I was young. My family and I are practicing Muslims, so growing up in a country as diverse as India had a profound impact on my perspective on religion and the value of respect and co-existence. With sociopolitical conflicts stemming from religious differences rising around the world, especially in my home country of India, I believe it is more important than ever to engage in productive interfaith dialogue to build more meaningful connections and understanding that can, hopefully, play a small but valuable role in creating a more inclusive campus and world. With the CRGC Interfaith Fellowship, I hope to learn more about the role religion plays in other Fellows’ lives and work together to dismantle prejudices to achieve our shared goals of creating more inclusivity and community.