Interfaith Fellow Matthias Chan Wins Student Activist Award

Thomas W. Jendrock Student Activist Award is an honor given to notable freethinkers. Interfaith Fellow Matthias Chan was given this award for narrating his journey to agnostic atheism in his most recent blogpost. Freethought applauds his actions and the inclusive environment that the CRGC promotes. 

Matthias is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at UW-Madison. He was raised in a non-denominational Christian home in Wisconsin, and through high school and college explored the many diverse beliefs and schools of thought in Christianity. Through the CRGC, he hopes to bring a greater awareness to faiths that students in Wisconsin are familiar with and unfamiliar with. He wants to show the students at UW-Madison new aspects and perspectives on the faiths they have seen growing up, and to help familiarize them with faiths that they may not have encountered before. There are a great range of beliefs that he never knew about growing up in Wisconsin, and he is excited to help bring awareness of those beliefs to the Madison student community. Read Matthias’ most recent blogpost here.

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